My first blog post

My artist friends have told me to start writing a "blog" - so here goes. I think a blog is a frequent commentary on what I'm up to. But is that what a blog is? Looking in our family dictionary from 1988, the word blog isn't there! So it's a relatively new word then.

A modern dictionary shows a blog as "a website containing a writer's experiences, observations, opinions etc". Hmmm, a bit different to what I thought. But, does that matter that much?

Let's have a go and see what happens. Will anyone see it? Where will they see it? Will it show up on my website? I've no idea what these answers are!

I've recently finished a painting - oils, obviously, because that's my favourite medium. I then look at a new blank canvas, sometimes for hours on end with nothing appearing. In due course I get my inspiration from somewhere and put the brush to the canvas. Several days or sometimes weeks later I have my finished work. But what do I do with it? The options seem to be (1) hang it up on my studio wall, but then who will see it? Visiting friends and family? (2) post it onto my website, because after all that is what the website is for, to display my work. But does anyone look at my website? Do I know if they have looked at it? I've learnt a bit recently about SEO, but as I use a host website rather than my own homemade one, that seems not to be so relevant. So here I am with a finished painting not quite knowing what to do with it.

Now I need more stretchers, so I take some plywood and attach the canvas. But these are quite small pieces, whereas I am used to painting large ones. I'm not sure how I will get on with these. Trying to staple canvas to plywood is very hard on my hand and fingers. Never mind, I will persevere. Tomorrow is another day for painting.

So here's my first blog. Is it too long and rambling? Will anybody read it? Will I know if they have read it? How will I know? So I will await and see.

Goodbye for now.